A tranquil wedding at Orange Tree Resort


What a perfect day and perfect captures! Thank you both for your amazing work,time and love you put into these images. *sobbing

Thank you for finding us Ruth! We are so grateful and will never forget Elizabeth and Brandon’s sweet day! Blessed to have met you all!

Shayla Pollard

Thank you both so much! These photos are perfect and I am so glad that we can beautifully perserve the beginning of our wonderful lives as a happy (official) family!!!

Awww Shayla! We were so happy to be there and do this for your amazing family!


Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple, and beautiful wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple!! 💍👰🤵

Thanks, It was a wonderful day for sure!

Angie Moore

Thank you so much for capturing such an amazing moment in their lives. These photos are absolutely stunning.

Thank you so much for your kind words Angie! We were so honored to be there!


Absolutely stunning photos, beautiful moments and memories were captured for the happy couple!

Thank you so much! It was such a beautiful day!


Absolutely stunning photos, beautiful moments and memories were captured for this special couple!

Thanks so much Lesley! We were so happy to be there for them!

Absolutely stunning photos, beautiful moments and memories were captured for the happy couple!


Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Thanks for checking out the blog Justyne!


Such beautiful pictures! Congratulations on your wonderful day!!


Gorgeous pictures!!


Gorgeous pictures! Best group of wedding photos I have seen in a long time ❤❤❤


Absolutely beautiful!!!

Elizabeth Pulley

oh my goodness!! I love these! I can’t stop looking at them!


Absolutely gorgeous!! I can’t choose just one favorite! You guys are amazing and it was so much fun with you guys out on the dance floor! Elizabeth and Brandon are the bestest and looked absolutely stunning! You guys captured the best moments on such a special day! ❤️

Katherine Wiele

Absolutely beautiful pictures. You captured the love of the day so well!!


Beautiful wedding!! Congratulations!!

Adrienne Roake

Such beautiful composition in the photos. Love the blog as well makes you feel a part of the day without being there.


Absolutely beautiful!!! You captured all the magical moments of the night. Congratulations!!


Congratulations guys!!! Beautiful wedding

Wendi Ruiz

Beautiful photos! Amazingly done

Amber Kaneshige-Creations

What amazing photos. You two are beautiful and I wish you a lifetime of happiness

Kevin Koepke

Congrats to Elizabeth and Brandon!!!
Great captures of an awesome day!!!


So beautiful! Many blessing to you both!


This is amazing!!! Beautiful pictures were taken!! Congrats to the happy couple!!


Beautiful pictures that captured a beautiful day!

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