About Us

Northern Arizona Wedding Photographer

We are Adam and Priscilla. We are a husband and wife photography team, specializing in wedding photography for Arizona and beyond. We are based out of a small ghost town called Jerome. And we absolutely love it! We’ve been here for over 10 years now and it has flown by quickly. We get questions all the time living in such a historic town and we enjoy talking about it. We have fun time telling people about living in a ghost town with a population of 455, not something most people get to say. The second question people always ask is have you seen any ghosts or is your house haunted?! For us we’ve never experienced any spirits but this town has many stories. We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Activities include snuggling

Most of the time you will find us exploring the Red Rocks of Sedona, getting fresh mountain air in Flagstaff, or just snuggling on our couch with our cute kitten Hazel, and a glass of red wine in hand.


Our Beliefs

  • We believe nature is imperfect and flawed but always fiercely true. Rough edges and all, Just like love, and the stories that love writes..
  • We believe in romance. Not the kind of fairytale romance you see in the movies where everything is gushy and perfect but the best friends through happy times and sad, wipe your tears and snot, never want to leave your side, be with you forever and hold your hand every night while we fall asleep kind of romance.
  • We believe you should never drink orange juice after brushing your teeth, and that toothpaste should only ever be mint flavored.
  • We believe in equality. That love comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and lifestyles. None of these are any better than the others. Love is love!
  • We believe that if our business had a scent it would smell like desert rain (earth), mint leaf (fresh and exhilarating) and wet stone (salty minerals).
  • We believe in the artisan. The hand crafted, took the time to learn a set of specific skills and hone them, artisan craftsmanship.
  • We believe in #adoptdontshop and that animals really are the best!
  • We believe that your partner should be your missing puzzle piece. They should pick you up where you fall short and the other way around. And together you can do anything.
  • We believe that strong roots grow slow intentionally so that they can grow deep to hold tight to the earth that they’ve made their home. Anything worth doing is worth the time and patience it takes to do so with purpose and intention. #respecttheprocess
  • We believe in dark chocolate, red wine and bold coffee. We find beauty in that kind of depth.
  • We believe in grit and working hard and pushing through the painful parts of growth (the mistakes, the hang ups and slow downs and missed opportunities) and being proud of what you do and the legacy you leave behind.
  • We believe in kindness, and honesty, being humble and optimistic (even though some days are definitely harder than others because we’re only human 😉)

-With Love

Meet Us!

-Priscilla Clump-
You may have already gotten a hint of this already... but I LOVE what I do! Documenting your wedding day is such an honor!! Since we’ll be spending a lot of time together on the big day, I want to make sure you really feel like you already know me! I’m always the lead photographer and communicator. However, Adam is the one who makes sure we arrive on time and have all of our travel plans in place! My strengths are in the creative side of things. I’m the dreamer of the crew and so I’m constantly coming up with new ideas while Adam and Hazel try to make sure I’m being realistic! :)

-Adam Clump-
Adam is the reason I’m not crazy! He keeps so much straight in our business on the backend. He preps gear and runs alot of the backend side of our business, the website, the marketing, the getting all the things organized and done. We have been together since 2003 and haven’t looked back since! We love our rare days at home, but on the days that we’re on the road, Adam is almost always driving... because unfortantely, that isn’t one of my strengths either! Adam is such a go-to guy on the wedding day. Besides being an incredible second shooter, he’s always there to help move heavy things, hold grandma’s hand and make my life easier!!

-Hazel Clump-
We can’t forget to mention our sweet kitten, Hazel. She is a valued member of our household family and does alot to help maintain our sanity because, I mean look at how cute she is. She is a fighter and a lover, diagnosed with epilepsy since she was a kitten but always happy as can be when we are snuggling. You cant help but feel a sense of calm when she slowly drifts to sleep with her sweet melty kitten purrs in your arms.