An Autumn Elopement in Jerome, Arizona


Oh, how I love this sweet, funny, beautiful couple! You captured them perfectly, and I love how you blogged all of the fun details of the day, almost makes me feel like I was there. Also, now I need to put Jerome on my list of cute towns to visit!

Renae McConnell

Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple. You captured the essence of Paul and Jennifer and their easy going attitudes. The blog took us all on a journey through time to share this important event with them. Thank you.

Sarah Dement

So glad y’all picked our wonderful, little town to officially join your lives and your best decision, picking my awesome friends to make it official and capture those moments. Many blessings for an amazing life together

Connie Collins

Congratulations Paul & Jennifer! So much love captured in these beautiful photos. What a great way to start your married lives together.


Such great photos and an AMAZING recollection of the details from our engagement! It’s a little dusty here as we scroll through your wonderful work for the third time. 🙂

Jon Walker

May all your says bring the same joy and happiness that these pictures capture. What a wonderfl way to start a life together! May God bless all and give the grace that only he can bestow.


Congratulations Paul and Jennifer! Your photos have a beautiful dreamy quality to them that just somehow fits you two ❤️

Sarah Jackson

Beautiful photos for our beautiful “framily” – love you guys! And you clearly love each other.

Debbie C

I am so happy for my friend jennifer….what a beautiful couple and an inspiring/fascinating love story!! Congratulations!!


Congratulations Jennifer and Paul.

Jennifer Allen

Thank you so much for capturing our day. This is exactly what I was hoping for and you two made it happen! Thank you for making our day special and capturing it so perfectly!!!

Leslie C. DH80

Beautiful photos of a wonderfully unique couple!


What an awesome couple! We love them! The pictures are beautiful and loved how you told their story!

Jessica Orlowski

So tricky to capture how charming and playful a person can be in real life but these photos really got it all. Well done photographers and congratulations you cuties. ❤️

Bonnie Beaird

Thank you Adam for performing the beautiful garden ceremony for Jennifer and Paul and thank you Priscilla for capturing it on film.
Jerome Arizona was the perfect setting.
I highly recommend Jerome Arizona for a wedding destination and Adam and Priscilla of Copperhill Photography to capture the special moments.
And please don’t forget to take your parents!
Great Pics!
Wishing Jennifer and Paul all the happiness they deserve!!!!

Joanna Pointner

Paul and Jennifer’s love story told ‘picture erfect’! So much depth and details, beauty and passion and every picture filled with love and support! Congratulations

Jen Conklin

Stunning photos for a stunning couple! Love the colors and moments captured!

Jen Hayes

Beautiful wedding and the photos really capture the joy! Congratulations =)


You were definitely blessed to meet, photograph, and share in this amazing couples special day. Love them both to the moon and back. They deserved the perfect wedding.


Wow, getting married has come a long way from our time – 1970. It was so much fun to read their story in your words. They couldn’t have said it better! As parents of the groom, we enjoyed the whole event as you took such good care to capture the day without our feeling excluded. It was delightful to discover that their wedding was Adam’s first since being ordained. Couldn’t have known if you hadn’t told us – a natural! If we ever decide to renew our vows, we know who to call!😊

Kimberly Claus

I adorable these two beautiful people!! So happy that they had such a wonderful wedding, beautifully captured in the pictures.

Laura Hicks

Amazing pictures and amazing love story! Congratulations Jen & Paul! Vince and I are really happy for you!

Laura Hicks

Amazing pictures capturing a great love story! Congratulations Jen & Paul! Vince and I are very happy for you!


Wow! such a beautiful couple. Great shots!

James Beaird

Great pictures!!!! Much love and best wishes. ❤️

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