Cinco de Mayo Wedding with a view of Camelback Mountain

Rebekah Sanders

Thank you so so much Adam and Priscilla! You really captured who we are and what made the day special. We’re so grateful to have these beautiful memories to look back on. We are so lucky to have met you!!
– Rebekah

Aunt Melody

Attended the Cinco de Mayo wedding of Rodd and Rebekah. Have viewed your gorgeous and sensitive photography. You write very well because you listen and observe very well.

Lisa Steers

Absolutely beautiful wedding and the photos really capture that! Thank you so much for inviting us to share in it !

The pictures are beautiful and you captured Rodd and Rebekah. The natural surroundings made it all the more beautiful.

Rob Pinelli

What an awesome wedding this was and the pictures are fantastic! Thank you to Rodd and Rebekah for having us and planning such a fun-filled weekend that we could share the special day plus more with them.

Thank you Rob! It was a wonderful day for a wonderful couple 💗💕

Trish McLeod

Such a fun and beautiful wedding! These pictures are gorgeous and capture the warmth of the festivities. Can’t wait to see the rest.

Thank you Trish! We had such a great time with these two love birds and their sweet family and friends! We can’t wait to share more!


These look excellent! So many great shots of bride, groom, and guests.

Thank you Bob! It was a wonderful day!💗💕

Jessica Boehm

So glad Copper Hill captured your perfect day. You can feel the love!

Thanks so much Jess! We were honored to be there! 💗💕


Awesome photos!!!! Such a beautiful couple! Thank you for letting us being apart of the big day!


Such a beautiful wedding! I’m so thankful to have been a part of the big day! These photos are amazing!!!

Tess and Allen Edge

You captured the love through the lens…. great job Priscilla and Adam! I assumed you were long time friends – you were fabulous – the rings, the dress, the LOVE! You nailed it! Rebekah and Rodd – amazing! Love rocks!

Thank you so much Tess and Allen for your kind words!!! And thank you for all your help on Rodd and Rebekah’s big day, we were truly grateful! We’re so happy for these two, that that found each other, they’re such a perfect fit! 💗💕

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