A December Engagement at Bell Rock


You guys have captured magic! I’m so impressed by you! Thank you for all you do. My thoughts and prayers are with you through this tough time.

Kevin Scott Koepke

Best wishes to you guys; you deserve all the happiness in the world! Very well photographed if I say so myself!


You two are the cutest! And you picked a great spot for these pictures! The happiness is shown all around.

Casey Davidsmeyer

Your pictures are wonderful! I am so excited for both of you, and I wish you all the happiness and love!


Wow! These pictures are fantastic! Congratulations to you!

Elizabeth Pulley

Priscilla and Adam, I can not thank you enough for the the time and attention to take these photos of Brandon and myself. They are so beautiful! You did such an amazing job capturing us. I am also glad we were able to bring some sunshine to you both during a rough time. I am so grateful we are working with you to portray our special day. Thank you!


Beautiful pictures! They capture you both so well and the location is spectacular

Elizabeth Pulley

Priscilla and Adam, Thank you so much for these beautiful photos of Brandon and I. We had such a wonderful time in Sedona with you both. You captured so much of our personality and relationship in these images. We are also very happy we were able to be a small ray of sunshine during a very rough time for you both. We are so pleased to be working with you on our special day.


Gorgeous photos! You look so happy Elizabeth!! Love the beautiful setting for your shoot.


Oh my gosh the flowers 😍 these are perfect. Congrats!!!!


Beautiful photographs. Congratulations!


Beautiful photos to capture a sweet moment in time.


Every single picture is amazing and beautiful! Congratulations to the happy couple, and great job capturing this beautiful moment!


These pictures are gorgeous! You’ve done a great job capturing a couple in love!


I simply cannot stop smiling! The true happiness and joy of Brandon and Liz is so clearly seen in every picture!!

Darlene Schneider Dilbeck

Congratulations!! Gorgeous pictures πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Sara Carrillo

Y’all did it again! This session is beautiful and I hope you two are doing okay


Aww… i love these pictures. You did a great job at capturing Brandon and Liz love for each other.

Sherry Craig

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos on FB. Have a wonderful New Year!


Gorgeous! ^_^ Congratulations!


These are all so beautiful! I know my mom and soon-to-be stepdad love them a lot. I am so glad they are engaged and can’t wait for the wedding and what comes next!!!

Heide Cunningham

Beautiful pictures. Congratulations . Beautiful scenery .


Elizabeth is my cousin and we are so proud for her!!! These pictures are amazing!!!! I so wish you could come make my son’s engagement pictures!!!

Debbie Pulley

Elizabeth and Brandon, We are so happy for both of you! You are both such beautiful (physically and your spirits) people and it is wonderful that you have found each other. You are both loved very much. Thanks for being the joy to others around you that you are!! Love and Happiness to you!!


Beautiful pictures!!!

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