Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page! As per our style, its long winded, and we answered as honestly and throughly as we know how. We hope this may answer any questions you’ve been pondering about how wedding day stuff works.

How long have you guys been photographing weddings?
We started photographing weddings shortly after we were married ourselves in 2006. But a couple of years ago we realized that because of our bond with each other and our love of photography that we were able to focus on the connection between other couples. What better way for us to do that then through wedding photography? So in 2015 we decided to leap, to work towards making wedding photography a full time career. We haven’t regretted a moment of it! Its still not “work” and our hopes and dreams that we want to accomplish in this career are bigger, deeper and wider than they’ve ever been! It’s always been about the LOVE!
What time should I plan for our ceremony in order to have the best light for pictures for the whole day?
You guys, light is everything! And we love it when our couples come to us with this question! That means that we have a chance to advise you and we can better ensure that you have great light all day long which is the main ingredient to creating beautiful images. Sunset time (depending on the time of year) and wedding location are the main variables that play into a creating a timeline. We talk more extensively on this topic in this blog, check it out!
I don't know how to get everything done, stay organized, enjoy my entire wedding day and still make time for photos, help!?!
Not to worry! We’re always available to you with support and advise and want to answer any questions that may randomly pop into your busy wedding planning head. We love helping all of our couples create custom timelines that fit it all in, and if theres really too much going on we’ve got ideas for different ways to make it work and can tell you what needs to be cut or moved. You’ll have a chance to review our timeline proposal and talk with us about any snags you think may arise so we can fix it before your day. And we make our timelines cushy so you have time to gab with aunt sue about her adventurous tales of travel to your wedding, and you get to enjoy it too!
Will our wedding/engagement be on your blog?
Yes! We are story tellers and we want to tell yours! And this blog will serve to quench your excitement and curiosity about the photos while your are waiting for us to get the rest of the images to you. We aim to share these blogs with some of our favorite photos and highlights of your day within 10-14 days after your wedding and there will be sneak peeks on social media in the mean time. Check out our full blog with all of our past #CopperHillCouples
Will we be published?
Maybe. We do extend a lot of our blogs to publishing agencies for online blogs and print along with thousands of other amazing photographers, it’s a heavily saturated industry! So if your engagement or wedding happens gets picked up, we’ll let you know, its always so exciting!
How long do you shoot for and how many photos will we receive?
We shoot all day long! Many photographers limit how many hours they will shoot on your wedding day and then apply hourly rates if you want them to stay longer. We feel that this is your wedding day, it only happens once and the best way to serve you well on a day thats all about you and your relationship is to never miss a beat. We stay as long as what makes sense for your wedding day. And, generally speaking, we deliver at least 50-75 images per hour shot. Every wedding is different, some are 3 hours from start to finish (like elopements) and others last all day. That being said, we generally don’t attend after parties (after the reception and most of your guests have already left). We would love to join in on all that rowdy fun, but we’re human and at that point we’re just plain tired. We carry a lot of gear with us and think on our feet all day long and need to get home safely with your photos in tow. Be kind to us.
You say your team photographers, Do you offer lower rates if we only want one of you to photograph our wedding or if one or both of you are sick?
No. We work together as a team and need each other in order to provide the images and products you love us for, so we come together as a package deal. We also typically bring an assistant with us to help us keep organized, carry our equipment and help with lighting. We do not charge extra to bring our assistant, however we do kindly ask that you provide a meal during reception for them as well as us (3 meals in total). We get hungry after all that running around being creative on the fly! Our assistant would also serve as a fill in if one of us were to be sick and in the rare occurrence that we’re both sick we may be able to set you up with one of the many exceptional photographers that we admire in the area based on their availability. That hasn’t happened yet, but again with the human thing, stuff happens.
How and when will we receive our images?
We will notify you via email once your images are ready for you to view where you will have admin capabilities to favorite or even hide photos that you don’t want everyone to see. We provide everyone that showed up for your a day an opportunity to sign up to also be notified when the pictures are ready for viewing/printing. So, once you have viewed the images and give us the go ahead, we will email everyone that signed up for notification at your wedding (also available for that same notification on your blog). We generally tell our clients 4-6 weeks after the wedding for the full gallery to be complete and ready for viewing and printing.
Do you offer digital copies of our photos and do we own the rights to them?
Yes! The digital copies are available to the client only and will print nicely up to 8x10. Anything larger than that is an investment into fine art and we want to make sure that it prints beautifully. We whole heartedly believe in the power of print, and encourage our couples to print their photos and tell their love stories on their walls whenever they can. We have access to and recommend using professional print shops verses drug stores or other one hour photo developers. Professional print shops use top of the line paper, and ink for prints that are true to color and not only look amazing but will outlast you.
Will we receive a printed album?
Yes! We strongly believe every couple should walk away from the happiest day of their lives with tangible memories in their hands. This is the heirloom album that will be passed down for generations to come to relive your day and tell your story. Every wedding includes one professional grade, hand made wedding album with 30 pages (15 spreads) in a keepsake box. Upgrades in materials, number of pages and additional albums are available for purchase in our a la carte menu. The album making process begins after your full online gallery is delivered to you.
You say you shoot hybrid, what does that mean?
Yes, we offer hybrid photography services. Meaning we shoot digital images and also offer film photography on our a la carte menu for a bare minimum fee. Film photography brings with it additional costs, for the film itself, developing, printing and scanning. We love it so much that we don’t care to profit from it and since this is something we are so new to. Film is special, its nostalgic and feels real when you look at it. Check out our film blogs here and see if this is something you’d like to know more about or are interested in having this service provided on your wedding day.
Do you retouch all images?
We edit every single image that you receive, most of the editing is for lighting and consistency to ensure that your images look cohesive together as a collection. We do some light blemish removals and nip tucks upon request to images that end up in your album or for print.
We are hoping for a sunshiny beautiful wedding day but what if there’s bad weather?
We weren’t going to put this question on here. Because we feel it almost doesn’t matter. Because short of a natural disaster you’re still going to get married right? So we decided to put this Q&A here because were really just want to calm your nerves about this one. Not to fret. We’ll make something work, we can scout new locations on the spot and find something that is beautiful, because its all beautiful! No matter the weather, the most important thing is that your marrying your best friend and love of your life right? The rest is just part of the story.
Payment plan? We LOVE your work, but can't pay all that at once...
We require a 25% non refundable retainer upon booking. The rest we don’t mind breaking down into a reasonable payment plan so long as your wedding photography coverage is paid in full at least 30 days prior to the day of your event.
Do you take family pictures?
Generally speaking, no, but there are a few exceptions outside of wedding days (of course we will take family photos on your wedding day!) We devote all of our time and energy into specializing in wedding photography so we primarily photograph people that are in love and their first day of forever. And because of our investment into their lives we extend that story telling experience into the duration of their lives so long as we are in business. At this time maternity, newborn, lifestyle, milestone and family photo sessions are services we reserve for our previous Copper Hill Couples only. If you are a previous Copper Hill Couple, contact us for pricing and availability!
How do we know if your the photographers for us?
We love wedding photography, a lot! But we don’t believe wedding photographers are a one size fits all. Your day is so important and special we want you to have the best photographer for you even if that means its not us. But we will say that we are not simply show up and shoot photographers. We invest ourselves into learning about our couples and their stories. We’re real and we want to share our story too, all of it, the good the bad and the hard lessons. If our images evoked emotion and made you feel connected, then we should arrange a meeting, get in touch! We always love to meet with our couples before they ever even choose us to chat about their love stories and answer their questions face to face. Lets grab some coffee and chat!If you would like to see more images to get all the feels check out some of our favorite blogs here. Admittedly we can be long winded, but its only because we’re detailed, we pay attention and we care so much! Read through the long windedness to get to the beautiful images, its worth it, we promise!