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🎸 Let’s make music in Jerome, Arizona 💕 A Summer Wedding ☀️


Beautiful reflections and photos! Thank you for sharing the experience as well as the photos for those who were there in spirit!

Aww glad you enjoyed the photos! We love being there for those who cannot be!!! Thank you for your kind words! 💗💕


Reading this with tears of joy and happiness for you both! Congratulations again Ian & Erika! Blessings for a lifetime of love, happiness and making beautiful music together!! ❤ Such beautiful words and amazing photos of such an awesome couple. Thanks for sharing!

Aww thank you so much Mary! These two are so deserving of each other and the love that they have found! Glad you enjoyed!

Daniel Banks

Such a great day. Great pictures to go along with it! Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

We loved reliving this day too! Thanks so much for the kind words Daniel! 💗💕


These photos do, do the location justice!

Ahh thank you a Richard ! It’s one of our favorite spots in Jerome! 💕


Congrats again! Everything was beautiful and I had a great time! The photos came out great and the dinner was delicious!

Yesss 🙌🏻 We agree about all of the above! And thanks for your kind words Darla!


Love it! What a beautiful wedding, beautiful bride! Congratulations again guys! Love you!

Thanks so much for checking it out Stacie! Glad you enjoyed! 💕

These pictures are so beautiful and your blog captures our story perfectly! I started crying while I was reading it! Words cannot express our appreciation enough.

Ohhhh Erika!!! We’re so happy you’re happy! In life, with your new hubby and with us and this blog! You two are why we love what we do! Thanks for trusting us! 💗💕

Kelli and Keith Bias

So glad we got to share in this beautiful ceremony for my best friend and the best man she could have ever met to be her husband! These photos are stunning just like the bride! It was great meeting both Priscilla and Adam. Cheers to many years of bliss!

Thank you so much for your kind words Kelli and Keith! And also thank you for the awesome stories at dinner! It was so great meeting you both! Glad you enjoyed the blog! 💗💕


Absolutely stunning story and photos of the most wonderful couple! It was a day filled with so much love!

It was a wonderful day! Thank you Amber for reading about their story and we’re glad you enjoyed the photos!

Courtney Thiel

Awesome pic. Great couple. The photos show how much you two love each other.

Thanks for checking our the blog Courtney!


Finally Pictures! They are so lovely!! I was very disappointed I couldn’t be there. Thank you so much for blogging and sharing the photos and allowing me a glimpse of what it was like to be there! And Congratulations again, Erika and Ian 🙂

We’re so grateful to be there to be able to share these moments with those who couldn’t be there. Thank you Kiki for your kind words and for checking out their story on our blog!


I remember when Erika first told me about that night! Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been (and I’ve been to Jerome before)! You did a lovely job of capturing it all.

Aww thank you so much for your kind words Christy! We enjoyed every minute! 💗💕

Super thankful that we were able to have been there for the union of two of the finest that I’ve ever known. Love you both, and I’m so happy for you! The pictures are all so wonderful, and they capture the essence of the day so perfectly!

Wow! Thank you so much Matt! We were so honored to be there for Ian and Erika and all of their loved ones too!


Such stunning photos of the happy couple on their special day! Congratulations!!!

Reagan peles

I had no idea! What a cute story and beautiful pictures!

Thank you Reagan! We love their story too!


Gorgeous photos that beautifully capture two of our favorite people on their special day!

Thank you Brenna, and we agree, they are some great people! We love seeing how loved they are! Thanks for checking out their story on our blog!


Awesome pictures, awesome couple and a awesome story. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Kelly Brown

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. So glad to remember this beautiful wedding through your photography.

Aww Thank you Kelly! We were so happy to be there and do this for them and their friends and family!

Melinda K Striyle

Wow! Amazing pictures.. Worthy of such an amazing couple! Much love to you both!!

Shanna Baker

Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple with a beautiful story!

Aww thank you Shanna!! And we agree they do make a beautiful couple!


Love love love the story! And the pictures couldn’t be more gorgeous! Cheers to you both!

Thank so much! We really enjoyed this wedding and their story! 💗💕

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